Is There A Best Currency Pair To Trade For Beginners?

Should we Grab all the opportunities we find in the Market or grab some? There is a saying “Jack of all trade master of none” and this applies to trading the forex market as well, I would recommend that when starting in the forex market you should trade very few currency pairs, that way you will be a “MASTER” easily, rather than picking up the whole bunch of currency pairs. because if you cannot be profitable with just a few currency pairs odds are you won’t be able to make money trading a ton

How much do you need to start trading the financial markets

How much money do you need to start trading the financial markets? I get this kind of question popping out from every corner, especially from Amateur traders and even some mid-level traders. The truth is that you can trade the financial markets with as little as you can afford because the minimum amount doesn’t guarantee that you will make money in the Financial markets. The minimum amount to start forex trading depends on the Broker and most Brokers offer traders the opportunity to open a tra

7 Golden Rules that Govern Forex trading

Traders lose money in every kind of business not because they are bad at what they do, but because every business has rules that govern it, and if those rules are flouted, the consequences usually lead to failure on the part of the trader. Forex trading is just like every other kind of business where traders buy and sell commodities, and in the world of trading, whether digital or physical trading, you must adhere to certain rules if you intend to stay in the business long term. In this article,

8 Characteristics of a Professional Financial trader

Check out our new platform 🚀 Becoming a professional trader should not be a myth but a fact that can be achieved, yet many traders never achieve this feat because they do not take into consideration the 8 characteristics every professional trader should possess, they focus more on making as much money as possible from the Financial markets thereby neglecting many very important factors guiding the Skillset. Trading in the Financial markets can be very daunting and risky


Check out our new platform 🚀 Over 95% of Financial traders lose money when trading the markets (stock markets, Forex markets, or the Commodities markets), and the reasons behind this trend can be categorized into five (5) distinct groups. Even though Every trader at some point in his/her trading journey will lose some reasonable part of his capital or all of his capital (Blow his account) on his journey towards trading the market successfully, it can be said that some tra


A Cabinet maker is anyone who can professionally make furniture or a high- quality structure ( such as a cabinet ) out of wood. He or she is professional trained in the art of woodwork in a formal or Informal school where the skill of woodwork is taught. Although Cabinet making is practical work it requires some form of Theoretical education which will enable the Cabinet maker to carry out proper calculations before assembling several wood parts to make a cabinet. some of the skills required by